Tuesday, June 23, 2015

UC Undocumented Students Demand Their "Rights"

Hat tip Daily Bruin

This is a little dated (May 15), but the issue isn't. Janet Napolitano, the hapless president of the University of California, held a "summit" last month on the "problem" of  undocumented students within the UC system, when a group of said students stood up and demanded their rights.

Pick a country. Any country. Go there and overstay your visa. Then enroll in a university. After that, stand up when the president of that university speaks and demand your "rights". You will be on the next plane out of that country-after a stay in the local hoosegow for processing.
You students who are not in the country legally. Stop whining. Go to the local immigration office and start working with them to legalize your status. Your "demands" are getting tiresome.

And I wish Napolitano would stop kow-towing to  who are not in the country legally. Yes, most of them were brought to this country by their parents when they were too small to know what was going on, but that does not entitle them to make demands on anybody.

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