Monday, June 15, 2015

The sad story of Rachel Dorezal

Hat tip Front Page Magazine

It seems that race really matters to Rachel Dorezal,  who has just resigned her post as head of NAACP in Spokane after it was revealed that she has been posing as a black person. In addition, Frontpage Magazine is running the above story on an embarrassing classroom episode when she reportedly told a Hispanic student that she wasn't Hispanic enough.

Should it matter that she is not black? Like many of her defenders, I think not as long as she represents the interests of black people. I once met a Hispanic gentleman who was Mormon but represented a national Jewish organization in Los Angeles.

But it was her dishonesty that has done her in. I mean, what credibility do you have on anything when you misrepresent your own ethnicity?

Ms Dorezal  is a shining example of how far back we are drifting in matters of race.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

I agree half way with Gary. The fact that she forcefully claimed to "be black" is a strike against her. She gave credibility to a lie, not the lie that she "is black" but the lie that race is a real construct with substance. As far as checking off white, black, Native American on silly forms that asked for her "race," I've done that for years. But she should have said "Ain't nobody white except lepers and albinos," not "I am so black."