Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Terror Suspect Killed while Threatening Agents With Knife. CAIR Goes Ballistic

Another suspected terrorist was killed in Massachusetts while threatening agents with a knife. Predictably, CAIR is blaming the agents.

Here is how the Investigative Project on Terrorism reports it:

Here is the statement by CAIR:

Here is the Facebook reaction of Dawud Walid, head of CAIR in Michigan:

Walid was really bent out of shape a few years ago when FBI agents killed radical imam Luqman Abdulla in a Detroit shootout (2010).

Here is Linda Sarsour's take: (She is in the Arab American Association and has served as a White House advisor to President Obama.)

Here is what is running on Zahra Billoo's Facebook page. She is the head of CAIR's San Francisco office. She is also the same person who pulled out those infamous "Don't talk to the FBI" posters a few years ago.

Bottom line: CAIR is not a moderate organization.

*Update from Fox News:

It is reported the suspect was looking for a police officer to attack and behead.

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