Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sid Blumenthal's Emails: More Questions Raised

Sid Blumenthal testified 9 hours in closed session before  Congress yesterday. There were interesting revelations, but additional questions were raised.

 First, the information passed by Blumenthal was apparently from an ex-CIA official named Tyler Drumheller, who was then a businessman with business interests in Libya-or who was trying unsuccessfully to create business in Libya.

Secondly, contrary to Hillary Clinton's statements to reporters, Blumenthal's emails were hardly unsolicited. She told Blumenthal to keep them coming.

Thirdly, these were newly revealed emails turned over by Blumenthal. They were not part of those turned over by State.

Gowdy also reported that he is depending on State to turn over all the emails requested before his committee can properly question Clinton. He said that it is John Kerry who is standing in the way.

Aside from what is reported above, this latest news is another example of the incompetent manner in which Clinton ran the State Department. For all she knew, that information she was passing on to her subordinates could have been coming from Blumenthal's bartender.

And she wants to be president?

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elwood p suggins said...

Well. Elijah Cummings, et al, are already on the warpath to get ol' Sidneys' testimony/e-mails to and from Hillary made public. Looks like his attorneys were allowed to review his testimony/transcripts and make "technical corrections".
While I am aware that U.S. Representatives/Senators can "revise and extend" their own remarks, and "include extraneous material", this is somehow a new one on me.

Cummings was quoted as saying "It's time to end this circus". I could not agree with him more, but I would believe that we each would have a different ending for this particular boondoggle in mind.