Monday, June 8, 2015

No Free Speech at Duke?

Hat tip The College Fix

"The petitioners do not address Zhao’s lengthy “black America” column point by point, but rather attack his character and suggest anyone who believes as he does is unfit to serve as editorial page editor."

So you want to be an editorial writer for Duke's campus paper? Or any campus paper?

Here is what is happening to Jonathan Zhao at the Duke Chronicle after he wrote an op-ed on the problems plaguing black America  that didn't follow the lines of political correctness..

Hey, Duke students! That's why they call it an opinion page.

Read any university campus paper article on black issues, and it will be about white racism, the legacy of slavery and segregation. Throw in some modern lingo on "white privilege" and even claims of violence against blacks on campus (in an esoteric sort of way), and that's about it.

The problem is that Zhao is correct. Black communities in America are, indeed, plagued by crime and they are the biggest victims of it. In addition, black conservatives like Larry Elder have been telling us for years that the biggest problem facing black America is not discrimination or racism, but the out-of-wedlock rate that now stands at about 72% as opposed to about 25% 70 years ago during the darkest days of Jim Crow. Single parent households with no father present have wrought havoc in black communities all over the country.

But you can't talk about these things on a college campus as Mr Zhao is learning the hard way.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

With what the petition signers "believe" and $10 they can buy an overpriced cuppa Joe at Starbucks. The meaning of the U.S. constitution does not vary with the number of people who sign a petition at There is a remedy for poorly considered editorials: put together something that is well written and thoughtfully presented to offer as an opposing Op-Ed.