Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Marquette U: Faculty-Student Petition Protests Removal of Mural of Convicted Cop Killer/Fugitive

Hat tip Campus Reform

This is how morally corrupt things are at Marquette University. When a mural portraying a convicted cop-killer, who is now a fugitive in Cuba, was discovered on campus, it was quickly removed. That has led to a protest letter signed by students and faculty. Campus Reform has the sickening story.

Here is how the Marquette Wire is reporting it. I have added a comment in the reader thread.

I can personally attest that is you wander through the various ethnic, women's and gender departments of many universities, you will find a forest of posters and displays glamorizing radical figures and demonizing police and America in general. UC Santa Barbara comes immediately to mind. This is the type of moral and intellectual rot that many of these departments traffic in.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

There is a nearby charter school named for Assata Shakur also. Millions of Americans have doubts about her conviction, and about the integrity of the police who shot her. Same with Mumia. You just can't get the same consensus that you get over say, the Tsarnaev brothers. We all despise their motives, actions, associations, impact. Assata Shakur was actually trying to do some good, and may have been either framed, or her role in a spontaneous incident blown out of proportion. Cool the hysteria. I'd say the administration acted precipitately at best. You know university administrator... they are always trying to cover their rear end and keep controversy to a minimum. They thought this was a one way street. Now they know better. That's a good thing, however it all settles out in the end.

Gary Fouse said...

Thanks for giving me info for a new post. You have a real probelm in Milwaukee if they are naming schools after her.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I think its just called Assata. So if asked, someone could plausibly say its an African word that Joanne Chesimard happened to choose for her non de guerre. And it may have closed since I moved about a mile north of the area. But I never doubted why the name was chosen. I wasn't displeased either.