Monday, June 29, 2015

Is the Administration Ignoring Persecution of Christians by Muslims?

Hat tip Jihad Watch

John L Allen, author of a 2013 book on the plight of Christians worldwide, is taking our State Department to task based on their 2014 human rights abuse report which appears to downgrade the importance of religious persecution.

If true, this would confirm my long-held suspicion that this administration and its State Department are all but ignoring the on-going persecution of Christians who live in Muslim-majority countries.

Today, I also received an update about the on-going plight of a Pakistani Christian woman named Asia Bibi, currently imprisoned and facing a death sentence on what appears to be trumped up charges of blasphemy (as if any charge of blaspheming a religion merits imprisonment and death).

Of course, we never know what kind of diplomacy is on-going behind the scenes, but if you look at results, they appear to be few and far between. (One notable exception was the release of a Sudanese Christian woman last year whose husband was an American citizen.)

What we see is a constant stream of Somalis and now Syrians being brought to the US. How many are Christians from Syria or Iraq? We don't know. Suffice to say, while I support giving Arab Christians asylum, I consider bringing tens of thousands of Muslims to the US as a danger given the fact that we are regularly reading of arrests of US-based Muslims assisting ISIS and also given the fact that ISIS is regularly calling on their followers in the US to strike us. Does that mean that many deserving Muslims would be denied entry? Of course, but damn it! We are talking about the safety of of our own people. We can never forget the example of the accursed Tsarnaev family, supposed refugees from Daghestan. We don't need any more bombs going off on our streets. We don't need any more people going off to join ISIS  and return bent on massacring our own people on our own soil.

What this country and the rest of the Western countries desperately need is sensible leaders who understand the threat and are prepared to offer refuge to those most in need-which in this case are the Christian minorities who are being persecuted and killed by Muslims. Those who pose a risk of harming us should be excluded.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

This discussion reeks of me-tooism and a contest for who is the most oppressed of all. It is unseemly and unimpressive, no matter who indulges in it.