Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Campus Anti-Semitism Who Did Not Sign a Letter to University of California Regents

The below article in the LA Jewish Journal concerns a letter signed by 32 organizations sent to the UC Board of regents expressing concern about anti-Semitism on UC campuses.

What is just as noteworthy is the absence of certain Jewish organizations in signing this letter. No Hillel chapter is included. Nor is any chapter of the Jewish Federation of North America. Nor is the Anti-Defamation League. Nor are so-called Jewish organizations like J Street, Jewish Voice for Peace or the New Israel Fund included.

The reason depends on the organization. Either it is because they are hostile to Israel (NIF, JVP, J Street), or they are unwilling to speak out about campus anti-Semitism because they know it is chiefly derived from pro-Palestinian and Muslim forces (Hillel, Jewish Federation and ADL).

They should all be ashamed. Either they have contributed to campus anti-Semitism or they have left Jewish students to their own devices in dealing with it.

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