Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Another Academic "Contribution" to Racial Understanding

Hat tip Campus Reform

No matter how many heart warming expressions of understanding and mutual support come out of Charleston in the wake of the horrific massacre of last week, MSNBC and academia can be counted on to pound home the message that America is a racist country where institutional racism still rules.

Introducing Yolanda Pierce, a professor at Princeton University Theological Seminary, who sounded off on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry's show.

 "Our institutions and our structures are racist"

I disagree, and here is why.

When I was a child, it is true that there was racism and it was institutional especially in the South, where laws were in place to enforce segregation and second class citizenship for blacks. That is not true today. Discrimination is against the law and whites who try to discriminate against blacks do so at their peril. They risk losing their reputations and their jobs as well. The law is solidly on the side of blacks and other minorities when it comes to this issue.

I would invite the viewer to watch the video of the actual arrest of Dylann Roof in Shelby, NC last week and watch the reactions of the cops who took him down.

No Bull Connor in that video.

The truth is that there are racists in America just as in any other society. Our racists come in all colors, white, black, brown and so on. But they are a fringe element whose only tool is the violence carried out by Roof in this case. The law will deal with him I guarantee you. These people have no institutional power. 

The entire nation is grieving over what happened in Charleston and relieved that Roof has been captured. We will quietly applaud again when he is convicted and shed no tears when he is executed or spends the rest of his life rotting in prison.

I cannot share the extraordinary sentiments of the victims' families who have expressed forgiveness for Roof. But contrast their reactions with those of dividers like Yolanda Pierce.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

If I didn't read Fousesquawk, I would never have heard of Yolanda Pierce. Where do you dig these strange people up, Gary?

Good news, mein feuhrer, Fousesquawk has covered your speech at the Nuremburg Party Congress in detail, and promised us a scathing review of Leni's movie when its released.