Monday, May 4, 2015

One of the Texas Shooters ID'd

Hat tip Jihad Watch

PHOTO: Elton Simpson is shown here in a photo he appears to have taken of himself.

One of the shooters in Garland, Texas has been identified as Elton Simpson, a convert to Islam.  He was residing in Phoenix, possibly as a roommate with the other shooter, who has not yet been publicly identified.

"He grew up the most normal guy. Just a normal high school guy... Converting to Islam seemed like a good thing for him. He had been going down a bad path and then he found Islam," Sitton told ABC News. "He never struck me as someone who would do this sort of thing. I'm not a bleeding heart, I'm a Republican. I've seen some pretty bad guys and he seemed pretty normal."

(She must be a RINO.)


elwood p suggins said...

Yeah, it sure looks like his conversion to Islam was a good thing, and certainly put him on a better path, no??

This is a little reminiscent of a 1970 score (National Guard 4, Kent State 0), except this is Garland 2, ISIS/Islamic jihad 0. Sure hope he is enjoying his virgins (is it 72 of them??).

Gary Fouse said...

How about mujihadeen 0

mucounterjihadeen 2 ?

elwood p suggins said...

I could not keep from finding it both interesting and humorous that while the left-wing MM had some problems with cartooning Mohammed (Muhammed??), it has never had a problem, as pointed out by several conservatives, with crucifixes suspended in urine, Madonnas with elephant (or camel??) dung affixed thereto, and suchlike. Nothing wrong with rap music either, although it is violent, misogynistic, anti-cop/pro cop-killing, anti-white, supportive of dope, etc., etc.

I would note that the First Amendment guarantee/protection of free speech is mentioned before that of a free press. The left tends to treat at least some freedoms of the press (those practiced by them) as essentially absolute, with no limitations which are appropriate in any event, as it does with abortion and voting (neither of which, incidentally, is an enumerated right in the Constitution), while at the same time mostly being so against the enumerated rights involving guns (keeping and bearing) that it supports all sorts of schemes involving registrations, licensing, restrictions on numbers of guns purchased, waiting periods, trigger locks, etc., all the way up to complete bans on ownership/possession of some, even all, firearms.

Go figure.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

If a cartoon in the late great Wittenburg Door is to be believed, those 72 virgins will be 72 Roman Catholic nuns in full traditional habit.

The thing is though, LONG before the rise of al Qaeda and ISIS and all that, it was noteworthy that a fair number of people, particularly of African descent, who had been living a life of petty crime DID turn themselves around under the influence of Islam. It can instill pride, calm, ambition, a deep sense of courtesy and respect... unless it spins off in this direction. So the Republican was probably correct, and may well be more conservative than Gary.

Yup, the First Amendment protects all of that, elwood. I hold Charlie Hebdo in as much contempt as Larry Flynt, and I have as much sympathy with blowing them away. Two different things.