Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend in Baltimore: 28 Shot, 9 Dead

Hat tip Gateway Pundit

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"Let's move back to Cleveland."

Freddy Gray is dead and buried. Six police officers are charged in his death in what can only be described as a lynch mob atmosphere. Certain people have promised more riots in Baltimore if the cops are not convicted.

Yet what goes under the radar in this sordid tale is the fact that Baltimore is out of control. Shootings and deaths are skyrocketing. Over this Memorial Day weekend, 28 people were shot and 9 are dead. Too bad Baltimore's most famous resident, Edgar Allen Poe, isn't still around. He would have plenty of tales to weave.

And the city leaders of Baltimore, the activist hacks in the Justice Department, and the liberal media want us all to believe that the cops are the problem. Well, as far as I can determine, the cops didn't shoot anybody in Baltimore this weekend. I wrote about the problems in the city a couple of weeks ago-not that I am some kind of rocket scientist for figuring out what many others have.

The same disease that affects Baltimore affects many other big US cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, Clevelend, Chicago and Los Angeles to name the most obvious examples. And what do they have in common? They have all been run for decades by Democrats, who wring their hands and plea for peace on the streets while finding others to blame-like the police. They can't face up to the real cause of this bloodshed- breakdown in the inner city families and lack of positive male role models. Until they come to terms with that reality, the problems will just continue and more cops will be blamed.

How convenient.


elwood p suggins said...

To the extent that this violence constitutes a continuing increase in what is "normal" for Baltimore, I wonder if it might not be at least partially due to some sort of informal or unofficial "work slowdown", probably understandable, on the part of police officers.

Think about it. During the riots, the cops were not permitted to effectively defend themselves, and were actually ordered to essentially "stand down" while watching rioting, looting, and burning going on. To add injury to insult, six of them, most if not all of whom undoubtedly believed they were only doing their jobs as usual, were later indicted on a variety of charges, including one for murder.

Just a thought.

elwood p suggins said...

Following the above, I have seen at least two videos of two different alleged Baltimore cops (disguised, distorted voice, etc., one black and one white, I believe). They both at least imply that, appropriately or otherwise, a coordinated slowdown is in effect.

Think about it. Many citizens of Baltimore consider the cops as occupiers, as amply demonstrated by the behavior after the Freddie Gray incident. All of a sudden, the cops are not as visible as before, and now those same citizens are whining and moaning that violence is up, and want the cops back. DUHHHHHH!!!!!

It is analagous to the lady who is getting the hell beat out of her by her whatever, and calls the cops. They show up, pry the guy off of her, and the beating stops. Then she finds out that the cops are taking the guy to jail, and she starts beating the hell out of/shooting the cops for doing so. Happens with great regularity, particularly in the inner cities.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

What they want, elwood, is cops who will do their job, target violent threats to the general community, and recognize law abiding citizens for those they are sworn to protect and serve.

Also, keep in mind that Baltimore still has a large enough population that 25,000 people could turn out to denounce the cops, another 25,000 could turn out to demand police protection, and there could be zero overlap between the two. Which is why we periodically have elections.