Thursday, May 7, 2015

Loretta Lynch Off to a Shaky Start in Baltimore

Right off the bat, our new attorney general is walking on egg shells as she met with the family of Freddy Gray Tuesday.( She also met with the Baltimore police.) Many observers think she should be meeting with the family of the New York police officer who was slain in the past week.

I fully expect that Lynch will be an improvement over Eric Holder. Who wouldn't be? Just how much I don't know.

I do know one thing: Something is very rotten in Baltimore, and it ain't the police. That's not to say mistakes might not have been made in the Gray incident.  It seems safe to say they should have buckled him in.

Having said that, this city has deteriorated over the years under constant Democratic rule. A shiny new Inner Harbor and two beautiful sports stadiums can't hide the fact that Baltimore is a rough and dangerous town that isn't run very well. (Yes, I have been there many times.)

The city's mayor, city council members and prosecutor have shown themselves to be an embarrassment. You have a city councilman, Nick Mosby, out on the streets front and center and guess who the prosecutor is-his wife, Marilyn. She, in turn, is making speeches to the crowds that she will get justice for Freddy Gray-the drug dealer who ran from the cops, got tackled and died. Don't expect a fair trial if these cops are tried in Baltimore

And the mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is now asking the DOJ to investigate her police department. She thinks it just might be a racist department. Never mind that the chief is black, the force is majority-minority, and three of the cops charged are black.

Maybe Loretta Lynch should launch a DOJ investigation into the Baltimore city leadership.


elwood p suggtins said...

Given that the mayor and police chief are black, the city council and police department are majority black, and the AG is black, this request for investigation all sounds suspiciously like a typical liberal circular firing squad or, alternatively, "Who's on first??"

We know what happens when police officers, particularly white ones, kill a black dirtbag. In Ferguson, Obama equated Michael Brown with the son he did not have and sent not one, not two, but THREE White House representatives (one of Cabinet rank) to Brown's funeral. Holder, et al, followed later.

In Baltimore, although three of the officers are black, AG Lynch and her entourage are already there meeting with the family of Freddy Gray. Look for the white cops to bear the brunt of this in the end. Riots, violence, and looting occurred in both Ferguson and Baltimore.
We know what happens when a black dirtbag kills a white police officer, as in NYC as mentioned by Gary. No WH officials at his funeral that I know of, but someone please correct me. Mealy-mouthed words, and brief ones at that, from Obama. No AG meeting with his family. No white riots or disturbances. Like it never happened.

We also know what happens when black police officers kill a black dirtbag. About a week ago, two black Atlanta policemen (black mayor, majority black city, city itself, 11 of 16 city council, , and police department also majority black, as with Baltimore) shot and killed a handcuffed but armed black lady who was somehow shooting at them from the back seat of their patrol car. Again, no AG. No WH visitation. No rioting, Nothing.

Somehow, doesn't seem right to me.

Squid said...

Great! Let us hope that Loretta finds that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and her Black Commisioner of police have seriously mismanaged the police department. Understand that the Baltimore police department has a 50% staffing of Black police officers and that it may be hard to show white/black issues here.
Understand that Obama sent 1.8 Billion dollars via Stimulus package, to Baltimore to help out with eduction, the poor, blight, help for small business and teenager by battling gang influence.
But that did not stop the previous mayor, Sheila Dixon, the first black female mayor of Baltimore, who was convicted of stealing gift cards intended for the poor. Rawlings-Blake took over after her.
Hopefully, Loretta will find gross mismanagement, corruption and spending on things other than Baltimore. How does a city spend 1.8 Billion, without results?


Siarlys Jenkins said...

They'll have to come up with a better analysis than "racism." After all, half the cops charged are black. But, there is something rotten in the police department. Either the police are respected by the civilian population for the great job they do, or they are an alienated occupying army. Something needs to be fixed here.