Friday, May 15, 2015

Is Harvard Trying to Limit its Number of Asian-American Students?

The issue of Asian-American students on university campuses has arisen at Harvard, where the university is now the target of a complaint for allegedly trying to limit Asian-American admissions.

Here is where I stand on this: As I have repeatedly said, the university where I work part-time (UC Irvine) has a student body that is slightly over 50% Asian-American. If it were 100%, I would be happy. It's a great campus to be on (with a few exceptions that I have written about once or twice).

But more to the point, I believe in a meritocracy, and if that means we have a noticeably large proportion of Asian-American students on so many campuses, so be it. Are they running circles around the rest of us academically? Sure looks like it. However, what that means is that instead of rejecting qualified Asian-American students in order to "get the numbers right", the rest of us need to study harder.

Ans yes, that includes our white students. So put down the beer keg, cancel that spring trip to Panama City and knuckle down.

I realize that this is a sensitive issue for Asian-Americans themselves. Many are not comfortable being referred to as "the model minority" because it seems to pit them against other minorities. Their high numbers on campus is just another aspect of this.

Harvard and other universities should admit the most qualified.

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