Saturday, May 16, 2015

Counter-Countering Violent Extremism

Remember that big confab held at the White House recently where they announced a pilot program in selected cities in the name of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)?


Well, that didn't sit too well with some factions of the Muslim community even though Salaam al 
Marayati and his Muslim Public Affairs Council were participants. The Muslim Student Association West chapter, for one has come out against it. In fact, MSA-West they are advertising 5 positions for activists to work against Countering Violent Extremism (with capital cases, of course.)

From: MSA West [
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Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2015 10:01 AM 
Subject: [Apply Now] MSA West Hiring Anti-CVE Campaign Managers 
Asssalamu `alaykum wa rahmutallah, 
MSA West is looking for 5 bright and dedicated students to work as managers 
on the campaign it will be launching in the Greater LA area to oppose the 
Federal Countering Violent Extremism(CVE) Pilot Program planned for Los 
Angeles. The deadline to apply is May 20th at 11:59 pm. 
Apply at: 
Our Joint MSA Statement on CVE can be read here: 
May be peace and blessings be upon us and may we away be in remembrance of 
Allah swt. 
MSA West 
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Now who could be against Countering Violent Extremism? (I guess I answered my own question, 
didn't I?)


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