Monday, April 6, 2015

What the Hell Happened to Wrigley Field?

If you watched last night's debacle of an opening night, it looked as if Cubs' owner Tom Ricketts was trying to out-do the Mad King Ludwig with his make over of Wrigley Field. Since the bleachers are not done, the steel beams were covered by tarps giving a ghostly appearance in the gloaming (Hat tip Gabby Hartnett). Worst of all was that giant jumbo tron over the left-field wall presumably there to tell the fans to Make Some Noise! At least there was no rally monkey. It has ruined the old ambiance of the park. What's next-an ivy-covered dome?

Noise there wasn't since the Cards beat up the Cubs three to nothing. Ace Jon Lester, who just signed a 6-year deal, was shaky through 4.1 innings and showed an inability to throw to first base. It was announced that he hasn't even made a pick off throw to first since 2013! How are you going to win any games like that?

Presumably, ace prospect Kris Bryant will be called up in 11 days and that may or may not turn the season around. The announcers last night reported that minor league prospect Addison Russell is supposed to be ready. He is a shortstop, so maybe Starlin Castro will be traded. Last night, he once again looked like his mind was elsewhere.

Today the Cubs are off, and hopefully, somebody is out there with Jon Lester working on throwing to first base.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Well. they're tied for second place with 0-1...

(That means one other team is also 0-1, while one team already lost 2).