Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Latest "Privilege" Idiocy (Marshall University)

Hat tip Campus Reform

No West Virginia jokes, please.

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Have you heard this one?

Here is a West Virginia joke you may not have heard of coming from Marshall University. It's the latest manifesto on "privilege," that new buzz word on college campuses.

For the benefit of Ms Swiger, here are some examples of "privilege".

Image result for beheading of christians in libya

Here are 21 Coptic Christians (or citizens of Egypt as President Obama calls them) enjoying their Christian privilege in Libya at the hands of Muslim terrorists. (They are not taking communion, Jessica. They are about to be beheaded.)

Heterosexual privilege? Here is how straights in Iran exercise heterosexual privilege.

Image result for gays in iran being hanged

We don't exercise our heterosexual privilege that way here, Jessica.

Jessica may be too young to have ever heard of that quaint little group called the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, but below is how they bestowed privilege on educated people after their takeover in the 1970s.

Image result for khmer rouge atrocities

Cisgender? As soon as I can figure out what that is, I will find a suitable photo.

Somebody needs to give this young lady a globe.


elwood p suggins said...

As best as I can understand it I have, and always have had, cisgender privilege and was not even aware of it!!! I may start exercising it more.

And not even ONE West Virginia joke??

Siarlys Jenkins said...

This stuff has been pegged, (accurately, in my seldom humble opinion) as "Selma envy." Or, as I like to put it from my hard left perspective, these are people who want to retain their CLASS privilege while FEELING proletarian.

If you can waste your time running around posting juvenile narcissistic posters like this and calling it "education," you have academic privilege.

(elwood... it takes two to exercise your cisgender privilege)

But thank you for not making this a "West Virginia" joke. I've lived in the Greenbrier Valley, and believe me, they don't put up with this nonsense in "the real West Virginia."

Gary Fouse said...

Every state in the US is the real, WV, Ohio, N Dakota, etc. It is the university that is a pocket of idiocy.