Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Big Top Coming Back to UC Irvine

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The Middle East is in flames. In Iraq, Syria and Libya, Christians are running for their lives. Those who are caught by ISIS are being beheaded. In Egypt, Coptic Christians are being kidnapped, their children stolen and forced to convert to Islam while churches burn. Yemen is in the middle of civil war. Iran is rushing pell mell toward that nuke with complicity from the Obama administration. African and Arab migrants are boarding leaky boats to escape poverty and war drowning in the Mediterranean, while Muslim passengers throw Christian passengers overboard. Suicide bombs are going off in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sunnis are murdering Shi'ites and vice versa. In Europe, Muslim immigrants riot, burn cars and torment Jews. In the US and other Western countries, young Muslims are going off to join ISIS or Al Shabaab. Speaking of Al Shabaab, not only are they wreaking havoc in Somalia, but in Kenya as well, as they make cross-border raids to kill as many Christians as they can.

Meanwhile, come May 4-7, at UC Irvine, the Muslim Student Union and their brothers and sisters in Students for Justice in Palestine are reacting to all this by .....drum roll please.......

Holding their annual hate Israel week.

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No word yet on the scheduled speakers. I'm crossing my fingers fan favorite Amir Abdel Malik Ali will be back for the umpteenth time to tell us who all the "Zionist Jews" are. Maybe the hot headed son of some Israel general, Miko Peled will be back so I can videotape him again. That really pisses him off. Maybe UC Berkeley "professor" Hatem Bazian will be there with his exciting power point presentation full of maps of the region. Or perhaps, noted brain surgeon Cynthia McKinney will show some videos-if she can figure out how to work the machine. How about Malcolm X groupie, Sohail Daulatzai? Hell, he's right on the UCI campus. If he speaks, maybe he'll wear those professorial-looking red tennis shoes with the orange shoelaces like he did last time he spoke. Or was it the other way around? And how about Norman Finkelstein, the new pride of Turkish academia? I hear he was recently in the US. Maybe he can stop by for some more punishment. Won't it all be wonderful?

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No doubt the MSU/SJP will once again try to keep me and others from exercising our First Amendment rights to videotape.  (The lawyers are standing by.)

So mark your calendars, circus fans. The circus is coming back to town.

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