Monday, April 20, 2015

Six Somalis From Minneapolis Caught Trying to Join ISIS

Chalk up 6 more Somali residents of Minneapolis busted trying to join terror groups overseas. In this case, the six were arrested in San Diego and Minneapolis in the process of joining ISIS.

Every time this happens, I am reminded of what CAIR's Southern California director, Hussam Ayloush, said recently at the Islamic Center of Orange County. Quoting US government statistics, he said only some 20 American Muslims had been known to join ISIS.

In the case of the Somali community of Minneapolis, I repeat that this is a result of our government bringing in some 80,000 refugees from Somalia in the 1990s. The largest resettlement community was Minneapolis. The US Attorney in Minnesota, Andrew Luger, only got it part right when he said that we have a problem. he referred to it as a Minnesota problem, not a Somali or immigration problem. It is all three. He also said that Minneapolis was a center of terrorist recruiting. He got that right.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

It does demonstrate that the solution to oppression of a distinct group somewhere in the world is NOT to bring them all to the United States.

The original policy, which I believe began under the Reagan or first Bush administration, was that a population descended from people kidnapped and enslaved farther south on the African coast was still considered second class and having a hard time of it in the incessant clan warfare. The solution, airlift them all here, where they became cheap labor for the meat packing plants that were shedding their union contracts.

Bad idea, all around, but here we are.

Gary Fouse said...

It is a bad idea, but it continues. It is insanity.