Saturday, April 4, 2015

Obama's Illegal Alien Express

Well, this is a fine how do you do!

I remember when I started my law enforcement career as a US Customs agent at Terminal Island, California. (Later, I was transferred into the newly-created DEA in 1973.) I was assigned to the air detail, and our mission was to catch pilots smuggling drugs into the US via aircraft from Mexico. We had our own planes and pilots, and it was exciting stuff following suspect aircraft and making arrests and seizures when they landed with their cargo. Now I suppose we would be flying into Mexico, picking up the dope, and flying the loads ourselves.

Somebody wake me up and tell me it's all a bad dream.

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elwood p suggins said...

Why, oh why, am I not at all surprised?? With the planes flying anyway, the same noble ends of reuniting families would be achieved by simply transporting illegal parent(s) back to their home countries where the children already are. Same time, manpower, and expense involved. Probably roughly the same ticket cost, maybe even cheaper depending on what a houseful of kids they have. Same amount of jet fuel burned. Same result.

Except, of course, if brought here, the adult "children" (18-21 YOA) could then vote immediately (fraudulently, but essentially immediately all the same), if they wanted to, as many others are actually already doing.

In some ways, this is not totally dissimilar to Obama's "fast-tracking" of citizenship for millions of illegals under his "amnesty" policy. Illegal parents of U.S.-born children can leave the U.S. under "advanced parole", which allows them to then legally re-enter the country, essentially converting them from illegal to legal. Once they have returned legally, those who have adult children can immediately be sponsored for a green card and subsequent citizenship by those adult children, who are already citizens themselves.

It is nothing more than a probably successful effort to create a permanent Democratic majority here, only one of Obama's promised but unspecified "transformational" schemes.