Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kenya: The Latest Islamic Horror

So now we are treated to the latest Islamic horror. Al Shabaab, the Somali Islamic terror group, has again struck in Kenya. A college is attacked, and Muslims and Christians are separated with the Christians shot dead. At this point, at least 147 are believed dead.

Let the excuses begin.

No doubt, CAIR will issue a condemnation of the attack, and that will be the last they will say about it. US Muslim spokesmen will declare that it has nothing at all to do with Islam. Anyone who says different will be called an Islamophobe. Anyone who reminds the world that a genocide is on-going against Christians not fortunate enough to live in the West will be called a racist. We are not supposed to talk about it, you know.

Nor are we allowed to question the decision of our government to import some 80,000 Somalis into the US just as European countries have brought in tens of thousands to their lands. Many have returned to Somalia to join Al Shabaab. The Westgate Mall attack in Kenya involved some Somalis who had been living in America. Will that be the case again once the dust settles in this massacre?

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Squid said...

Maybe CAIR should send a memo to Al Shabaab to instruct them that ISLAM IS THE RELIGION OF PEACE.