Wednesday, April 1, 2015

John Kerry Won't Give Up


By my calculations, midnight Wednesday has arrived. Other foreign ministers have gone  home, but John Kerry remains in Switzerland, still trying to give away the Sudetenland.

But we're still going to drive a hard bargain. Right.


Squid said...

Today is Thursday and Kerry did not get a Nuke deal with Iran. As the President said today, at the White House: “the agreement of the framework of the possibility of a potential deal” was accomplished. this is not a deal. In fact, Iran has already called Obama a lier, after his White House announcement.
But the Obama teleprompter scrolled the invectives toward Bibi and the U.S. congress, in pure Saul Alinsky style.
Iran will never agree to what Kerry and Obama fed to Americans.


elwood p suggins said...

Iran is playing us like a guitar on this one, it is an out of tune guitar at that . Obama, Kerry, et al are bound and determined to get an agreement of ANY kind, regardless of whether it is effective or of any substance, just so they can at least say we have an agreement and they can attempt to have some sort of "legacy".

I believe we have been at this for about 18 months (give or take a little) so far, what with extensions and all that, and now yet another one for three more months with more no doubt to follow. All this time, centrifuges have been centrifuging, more uranium has been enriched, more plutonium produced, etc., etc.

Wake up and urinate America, the world is on fire and burning down around you (us)!!!