Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Inane Comments About Baltimore

We still don't know all the facts about the death of Freddie Gray, which has led to riots in Baltimore, but it is not too soon to pass judgement on some of the comments coming in.

Like this series of empty platitudes from Her Majesty, Hillary Clinton:

"It's time to end the era of mass incarceration." 

Mrs Clinton apparently has nothing to say about ending the era of mass crime. Or maybe she is just worried about the prospect of her own possible incarceration given the latest scandals being uncovered.

Even more outrageous was CNN's Brooke Baldwin, who blamed the problem on returning military veterans. Breitbart has the clip where Baldwin, who is usually too busy opining to ask serious questions, is interviewing Elijah Cummings, who "represents" Baltimore in Congress when he is not defending Obama's scandals.

At least she didn't accuse them of being the biggest terrorist threat in America like Janet Napolitano did.

And what is this stuff about apologizing on Twitter? No, Brooke. You said it on national TV; apologize on national TV.

If we are going to have a discussion about the state of the black community in Baltimore and  other US cities, looking for deeper causes for all the misery, is it not time we ask why so many of these problems exist in metropolitan areas long dominated by the Democratic party? What have they accomplished for their communities in places like Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit and other places? Yet, black voters never seem to hold them accountable.


elwood p suggins said...

Predictably, of course, she (and others) also immediately put this in terms of race. Maybe she is right, but then again, maybe not.

Accurately or otherwise, it is being widely reported that Baltimore is a predominantly Democratic/black community. A black mayor, of course. A black police commissioner. A "majority minority" police force. Sixty per cent of the city council is black. It was even reported that there has been no city councilperson other than Democrats since 1939. Its black U.S. Congressman, Elijah Cummins--well, speaks for itself.

So, it would look to me like if it is a fact that the white (minority) portion of the Baltimore Police Dept. is racist, Democratic black officials have allowed it not only to exist but to continue.

elwood p suggins said...

Speaking of inane comments, last night I caught a "man-in-the-street" interview in Baltimore.

The media guy asked this black dude/demonstrator what he would think if it turned out there was insufficient evidence to indict anyone (which may well turn out to be the case).

Best I can quote him, the guy says "We are not out here for evidence, we are out here for justice", and was simply unwilling or unable to explain how justice could be achieved without evidence.

Gives a little insight into motivation, agendas, and perhaps intelligence, of these fools, no??

Gary Fouse said...

They should be directing their anger at their local government-dominated by Dems all these years. What have they accomplished? Nothing.