Friday, April 24, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Somebody Needs to Investigate

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising. It was written three says ago. Hell, it's already old news in light of the latest allegations.

Hillary Clinton was running around New Hampshire last week and refusing to answer questions about the allegations contained in Peter Schweizer's new book, Clinton Cash.

If the allegations are true, Hillary Clinton used her office as secretary of state to enrich herself and her husband at the expense of the foreign policy of the United States.It involves not only individuals and companies, but nations who paid millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and received favorable decisions from the State Department in return, in some cases reversing previous policy. These are serious charges and if true constitute bribery. They would make the charges against indicted New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez look minor in comparison.

The question is-who will investigate and, if appropriate, prosecute? Up to now, wrong-doing by people in the Obama administration has been, in effect, the perfect crime because nobody will prosecute. We have a corrupt attorney general, Eric Holder, running the Justice Department (from which I am retired). Loretta Lynch, the current nominee for the post and the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, will likely soon be hit with this decision if and when she is confirmed. (She was confirmed yesterday.) One can hope that she will bring more honesty and professionalism to her post given her present position.

Already, the Clinton machine and liberal outlets like Media Matters and MSNBC are busy attacking Schweizer as a Republican hack who cannot be believed. Perhaps, but we have to judge the information in the book on its merits. Schweizer reportedly has done a pretty good of following the money trail, the donations to the Clinton Foundation, the higher speaking fees to Bill Clinton, and the State Department decisions that rewarded the donating parties.

Unless these allegations made in Schweizer's book are wild and unsubstantiated, the Justice Department has no excuse for not investigating them or turning it over to a special prosecutor. I still trust the agents in the FBI to do their duty-if the Justice Department will let them.


elwood p suggins said...

I would not bet the mortgage that any investigation will occur, under either Holder or Lynch or any other Obama appointee for that matter.

Judicial Watch has reported that it received highly redacted documents from State's "legal squad" which indicate significant concern in 2011 relative to conflicts of interest, Clinton Foundation activities in foreign countries, and apparently Bill's $300K speech in Saudi Arabia (at least backhandedly with references to "Saudi entities"), among other similar issues, and further states that Bill was paid a total of $48 million for speeches during her tenure as Secretary. No telling what we would know if the documents were unredacted.

I note that Hill's attorney (David Kendall of impeachment fame) wants her to testify publicly about Benghazi ASAP, and that she is scheduled to appear before that committee in both May and June, which reportedly wants to complete its work by the end of the year.

Surely Mr. Kendall would then similarly want Hill to testify before the appropriate Congressional committee in regard to this matter as soon as is practicable, no?? That would be a little bit better than the nothing we will almost certainly otherwise get, and you never know what will happen when you put underlings on the stand and the dominoes start to fall.

Squid said...

Indeed! The Schweizer book, Clinton Cash, is very well documented by this talented investigative journalist. This is why the New York Times has come out with almost an entire page devoted to the Clinton Foundation donations and the cash flow to it, by Hillary's State Department favorites. In essence, scooping Clinton Cash.
The Clinton machine is being defended buy the far left, but I suspect selling one-fifth of our uranium to the Russians, who will most likely sell it to the Iranians, will not set well with American's who are paying attention,


elwood p suggins said...

New disclosures every day!!! Now we learn that Hillary/the Foundation did not report donors, as she agreed to do, in writing (MOU) prior to her appointment as Secy. of State. Much like her e-mails, etc., on a private, non-government system?? What a piece of work.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Squid, you wouldn't know far left if you tripped over it in broad daylight. From a far left perspective, Hillary doesn't even qualify as social-democratic right cover for the bourgeoisie. Karl Kautsky could be called a renegade, but Hillary was never left in the first place. She's just part of the "bureaucratic military machine" that appeared to Lenin to render democracy moot. She is, admittedly, to the left of Francisco Franco, but that's like saying that Dwight Eisenhower is to the right of Eugene Dennis.