Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton Champion of Middle Class Families? Don't Make Me Laugh

You have to hand it to Hillary Clinton; the woman has chutzpah. Her theme as she kicks off her campaign is that she wants to be the champion of middle class families. That's rich. Of course, she could start by promising tax cuts, but that won't happen. Worse yet is the very hypocrisy of such a mantra-something only a Clinton could get away with.

This is the woman who, along with her husband, accepts millions from foreign countries including those like Saudi Arabia, who have abysmal human rights records-including when she was secretary of state.

This is the woman who has been going around the country making one speech after another to the tune of $250,000-300,000 per speech including universities like UCLA, supposedly hard-strapped for cash and raising tuition. Not only that, but a Clinton speaking invitation had to include private jet travel, a 5-star hotel room with all the amenities, and many other perks and specifications.

Remember when Mitt Romney was running for president? He never could shake off the charge and the perception that he was wooden, rich, and out-of-touch with the average Joe. That describes Hillary Clinton to a tee. Yet, she had the effrontery to tell an interviewer that when she and Bill left the White House, they were flat broke.

If this were anybody else, the whole country would be laughing her off the stage. But this is Hillary Clinton. Go figure.

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Squid said...

Clinton is hoping that Jonathan Gruber is right when he proclaimed that Americans are too stupid to understand Obama care. If American's do not wake up, they will loose the country.
I saw a poster the other day that was funny, but scares me. It proclaimed: Obama put America into the toilet and Hillary will flush it.
Always remember what Thomas Jefferson stated:
"The Nation that wants to ignorant and free, has never been and will never be."