Saturday, April 18, 2015

Diversity, Campus Climate and Oppression at UCLA

UCLA is typical of university campuses around the country, where diversity, oppression, campus climate, and white privilege are leading topics of discussion. Currently, the campus, which just appointed a vice chancellor for diversity and  inclusion, is embroiled in a controversy over whether to create a required diversity course for all incoming freshmen.

Here is a daisy of an article in this week's Daily Bruin, which complains that students are being "oppressed".

Imagine that. You are a student attending a world-class university (At least that's what they tell me.) in the greatest and freest country in the world, and they are "oppressed". By whom, may I ask?

In the above article there are a couple of links to something called the Moreno Report and the UCLA Campus Climate Report. I have perused both, and they basically ignore the biggest campus bias problem of all-anti-Semitism.

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