Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why Did the Government Hire an Imam Who Called For Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Death to Teach in Federal Prisons?

Hat tip Truth Revolt

"Referring to Ali, ElBayly told a newspaper, “If you come into the faith, you must abide by the laws, and when you decide to defame it deliberately, the sentence is death.”

The Truth Report has posted an article that claims that the Dept. of Justice hired an imam to teach in a federal prison who had called for the death of Islamic apostate and critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Shocking? Not really. We are talking about the Eric Holder Justice Department and the Obama administration. It's par for the course.

For the record: Fouad ElBayly was speaking according to Islamic law, which mandates death for apostates and blasphemers.

The only problem is, Mr ElBayly, US law does not allow that penalty to be carried out. Not in our country,


elwood p suggins said...

And you wonder why so many radicalized/converted Black Muslims come out of our prisons??? I don't.

Gary Fouse said...

They shouldn't be coming out.

elwood p suggins said...

Maybe we should reduce it from three strikes to two?? Or even one?? Naw, I guess not just one.

Just another little example, as if we needed any, of Muslim/Islamic PC going overboard which, as Gary notes, is typical of this administration as well as a LOT of left-wingers.

Did you catch that the NYC public school system is adding two (2) Muslim holidays this year, when schools will be closed?? Given the mushheads we are turning out in some quarters these days, we obviously need more school days, not fewer. Quite unnecessary. What a crock!!!