Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Speech Every Western Leader Should Give

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has given a speech on what Australia will do with the jihadists on its soil that I wish every Western leader would give.

I applaud Abbott and hope that he will follow through. I also note that the Islamic supremist organization Hitz-ut-Tahrir has chapters in the US and Europe. In fact, they hold a conference every year in the Chicago area.

Indeed, it is time to halt Islamic immigration to the West until such time in the future (probably a hundred years or so from now when this insanity ceases). It is a simple matter of public safety and national security. Those non-citizens who are on our soil and exhibit signs of extremist behavior should be promptly deported. Those who go off to join the jihad in some foreign land should be prevented from returning. Where appropriate, citizenship should be stripped. One good example is Rasmieh Odeh, who was recently convicted in Detroit of lying on her citizenship application and not listing her conviction for terrorism in Israel.

What the West needs is a new Crusade-not necessarily one that sends our troops overseas to fight wars in the Middle East (though ISIS needs to be dealt with)-  rather one that keeps those who would harm us, take away our liberties, or install Islam and sharia law out of our countries.

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