Monday, March 9, 2015

The Oklahoma Mess

Since I write so often about the goings-on on college campuses and focus on the problem of anti-Semitism on campus, there is no way I am going to let this Oklahoma story pass without  comment.

A group of University of Oklahoma fraternity students have been caught on videotape chanting a racist (anti-black) song on a bus apparently en route to some kind of event since the males were wearing tuxedos. The below Fox News story has a link to the video clip, which hosts about ten seconds. (Viewer warning as to language and the reader comments as well)

Of course, this is ugly and to me surprising given that this generation of college students is supposed to have more progressive racial attitudes than previous generations. Going through the reader comments is hardly encouraging to boot.

University president David Boren has acted quickly to close down the fraternity and condemn the incident. It seems the campus is moving quickly to assure black students, who make up 5% of the student body, that they are welcome on campus.

More encouraging is Megyn Kelly's interview on Fox News this evening with Black Student Union president Isaac Hill, an extraordinary young man, who says he forgives the frat students singing on tape and calls for efforts to increase understanding. I commend him.

Shameful episode.

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