Friday, March 20, 2015

The New Pledge of Allahgiance

Hat tip David Whitley

Liberals. They will never learn. In a remote New York State school, the pledge of allegiance was read over the school intercom substituting "Allah"  for God. That was met with outrage from students and parents.

"The school said the pledge was recited in Arabic as a way to honor National Foreign Language Week “and in an effort to celebrate the many races, cultures and religions that make up this great country.”

How about we "celebrate" our own country, language, culture, and heritage for a change and expect that immigrants learn to celebrate them as well?

I'll tell you something else: This assumption that if we "celebrate" Islam, terrorism will stop is naive. This prostration and ass-kissing only emboldens those who think they are going to install Islam world-wide.


elwood p suggins said...

Good on those students and parents who objected. What nonsense!!!

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Was the pledge recited ENTIRELY in Arabic, or in English EXCEPT for the name of God? If the former, I have no objection. There is no other name for God in Arabic except al-Lah. Arabic speaking Christians use it, so do Arabic speaking Jews. Maronite Christians address the Virgin Mary as "Ya Oum al-Lah."

But, if it was done in English but God was translated into Arabic, that's sloppy.

Anyway, Muslims should be outraged at the idolatry of using the name of God that way. Further, I am waiting to hear the pledge done in French soon. Also in Spanish and three dialects of Chinese and Tagalog.