Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Random Shots in the Dark (49)

We begin this latest segment of Random Shots with a moment of silence for Babe Ruth, who passed away today.

Well, don't tell Susan Rice, the Queen of Sunday talk shows. She got on Twitter and mourned the funeral of some writer who died in Nigeria-two years ago. (Hat tip Truth Revolt)

Must be some Nigerian custom: The two year anniversary is always the most somber.

And this is Obama's national security adviser?

Image result for susan rice and obama
"It's ten o'clock and all's well, Mr President."

But of course, that is the beauty of social media. If you screw up and get it wrong, you can just delete it as if you never said it. Just ask Hillary.

"I don't think that's funny."

Or just ask Obama's "ambassador" to Libya (wherever she happens to be at the moment), Deborah K. Jones. (Hat tip PJ Media) She got on Twitter and criticized a Libyan air strike that killed 8 civilians. Then, after she found out nobody was killed, she blamed Twitter and quit in a huff (Twitter, that is).

"I have concluded it is best to cease efforts to communicate via Twitter insofar as it distracts from our goal of peace & stability 4 "

At least they didn't arrest the founder of Twitter. Remember this guy?

Image result for mohammed videomaker arrested
Did you hear White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough speak before the "Pro-Israel" J Street this week?

"Yeh, ah did."

He got a standing O from the "pro-Israel" crowd when he told them that "50 years of Israeli occupation must end."

Of course, nobody pointed out to Denis that when you attack other countries and lose, you also sometimes lose territory. Just ask the Germans.

Image result for old germans

"From the Memel to the sea
Koenigsberg will be free"

(This ad brought to you by the German Dept. at UC Berkeley.)

Then there is John Heinz Kerry, who Rush Limbaugh calls a "kept man". Last heard from he was in Munich, er Geneva, handcuffed naked to a bed and being humiliated by an Iranian man with a blonde wig in spiked heels and a studded bra brandishing a whip and shouting curses at the hapless John-John.

"No pennant, no piece and no peace. Just pain"

"I don't think that's funny."

Image result for babe ruth's called shot
"I do."

What's also funny is Obama holding that joint press conference today with Afghan president Ghani and referring to him as "President Karzai". Obama took the occasion to announce that we are going to slow down the troop pullout so that the Afghan people can have the peace and security "they so richly deserve".

So they can stone and burn women to death instead of the Taliban shooting them in soccer stadiums during halftime? I know. That's not funny. I could delete it, but I like to admit my mistakes.

"Now that's funny."

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elwood p suggins said...

"Of course, nobody pointed out to Denis that when you attack other countries and lose, you also sometimes lose territory. Just ask the Germans".

Or the Brits. Or the Mexicans.