Sunday, March 1, 2015

Prince Charles' Pearls of Wisdom

Hat tip Truth Revolt

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"I said, 'Eat healthy' not 'Drink healthy."

Prince Charles, heir to the throne of a country that barely exists anymore, bides his time waiting for Mom to die by making silly statements that make less and less sense as time passes by. In this latest laffer, he lectures a bunch of health experts on the need for people to eat healthy for the sake of the planet-or something like that.

Actually, that's not hard advice to follow in a country whose cuisine's most exotic dishes are boiled potatoes and broccoli. But it makes you wonder just how useful this joker is. As his country crumbles under the thumb of its Muslim population, Charles lives in luxury traveling around making silly speeches all at tax-payer expense.

But he is Britain's problem, not ours.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

When he married Diana, a SF Chronicle columnist did a piece on the young lady explaining her betrothed to her father... something about how he doesn't need a job because his family gets a huge public subsidy and free housing... daddy said "Great, my daughter marries the kind of the welfare cheats."

The tabloids are always running numbers about how Elizabeth is going to pass the crown directly to a grandson, which might not be a bad idea, and could actually be true. But I say, re-establish the Commonwealth, only without cutting off any heads, since that's an ISIS trademark now.

Oh, you're right, its Britain's problem. We fought a war to make sure it wasn't our problem, circa 1776.