Thursday, March 19, 2015

Outrageous Demands by UC Berkeley Black Student Union

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Is this what you really want?

This absolutely takes the cake.

The Black Student Union at UC Berkeley is making a list of demands that include the renaming of a university building for a convicted cop-killer who fled to Cuba.

This is nothing more than an Al Sharpton-type shakedown. A meeting place solely for black students? How about separate drinking fountains? And I don't believe for one moment this stuff about Berkeley professors throwing around the N-word.

Chancellor Dirks should reject this demand out-of-hand.


elwood p suggins said...

I see that in terms of craziness, Cal/Berserkeley has not appreciably changed since my little sojourn out there in the summer of '66 (that would make a good song title, no??).

If we are to name anything after Chesimard, it would be a women's prison or possibly a sewage treatment plant, but most certainly not a university building.

I really and truly am unable to comprehend why it is that black (and other minority) separatists are "good", while white separatists are "bad".

Siarlys Jenkins said...

This is almost as silly as the state of New Jersey insisting that the entire foreign policy of the United States should be held hostage to the return of one rather insignificant political refugee who may or may not have killed a police officer in the midst of a rather poorly documented stop and arrest some 40 plus years ago.

As for the matter of separate facilities for black students, Doonesbury beat you to it decades ago, the college president who marched with Martin Luther King hearing an aide tell him "Sir? They want their own water fountains." In the upper midwest, we call them bubblers.