Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Letter of Support for UC Irvine Flag Take Down Getting National Attention

-Campus Reform
(Rei Terada is a UCI professor.)

Yesterday, I cross-posted (from Cloud Minder) a letter from supporters of the UC Irvine ASUCI students who voted to take down the American flag in their campus work space.

Other websites are also reporting the letter around the nation including Todd Starnes of Fox News and Campus Reform.

I echo what Starnes says. Shame on the professors who sign onto this language about our flag and who drag students into it as well.

Update: Tonight Megyn Kelly had a piece on it on her Fox News show.

To all the UCI professors who had a part in this letter, I say congratulations. You have given a national black eye to the university with your clumsily-worded letter. You have compounded the error made by 6 students.

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