Sunday, March 29, 2015

J Street's True Agenda

Hat tip The Mike Report and Elder of Ziyon

If you still think J Street is pro-Israel, watch this video clip of Marcia Freedman speaking at a J Street confab. Her vision? A homeland for the Jewish people living as a "protected minority" (under the tender graces of the Palestinians).

The only question left, Marcia, is who is going to be in charge of the transport trains?

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Squid said...

Hmmm! I wonder how living in "Majority State" of Saudi Arabia would be for Jews? There are no synagogs in Saudi Arabia and no religious minority may practice their religion in the open. The agenda of "J Street" is very clear. No Jews allowed in the Middle East. It is no wonder that Obama's Chief of Staff addresses J Street and tells them how bad Bibi and Israel is when fighting for their existence, against Hamas and Hezbollah.