Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hillary's Separation Document: American Foreign Service Association Asks a Question

Hat tip Diplopundit.

"We would be grateful if you could help us understand if there is, in practice or by law, any difference in how these standards apply to and are enforced for non-career appointees as opposed to career employees, both Foreign Service and Civil Service."

The American Foreign Service Association, which represents American Foreign Service officers, has sent a letter to the State Department asking if State Dept. regulations (regulations-not recommendations, Jen Psaki) are applicable to all State Department employees or just some. This comes in the wake of the absence of a DOS form OH-109 signed by Hillary Clinton to the effect that she has turned in all classified information in her possession to the State Department. Ms. Psaki, the out-going DOS spokesperson, is now describing the process as part of "recommendations" not regulations.

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“I don’t have the FAM in front of me. I can certainly check and see if there were certain policies, if there were regulations. The FAM is not a regulation; it’s recommendations.”


elwood p suggins said...

Betcha $5.00 against that proverbial week-old Krispy Kreme that Gary executed a similar document upon his departure from DEA. Betcha another one that it involved regulations rather than recommendations.

Although I did not go to the trouble to specifically locate the form in the Foreign Affairs Manual, all the stuff I saw therein sure looked like regulations, with essentially the force of law, and NOT recommendations.

Gary Fouse said...

A better question was if I signed any documents in 1978 and 1987 confirming I had turned over any classified documents when I left my posts of duty in Bangkok and Milan. (US Embassy and Consulate) I honestly don't recall.

For me it would have been equivalent if I had kept my government -issued firearm when I retired.