Monday, March 9, 2015

Hillary E-Mails: Of Course Obama Knew

Now that President Obama's statement about learning about Hillary Clinton's private e-mail account has drawn nothing but horse laughs, White House press spokesman Josh Earnest has issued a "clarification". Yes, the president exchanged e-mails with Clinton during her tenure, and yes, he knew she was using a private e-mail address, but he didn't know the exact details of her server,.....

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Excuse me, but when you are the president of the United States and you are exchanging e-mails with your secretary of state, don't you want to ask why he or she is not using an email address that ends with Didn't Obama think that was a little strange? Didn't he know that it was against government policy? Was he not worried about the security of the transmissions? Was he not worried about national security?

When has Obama ever worried about national security?

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elwood p suggins said...

The reporting/analysis of Hillary's press conference is just barely commencing, and I admittedly have not yet caught much of it. I would say, however, that Hillary's statement that she did not have ANY classified information on her personal e-mail account is about the most incredible claim I have ever heard a politician make (well, maybe except for a couple by her husband) and is simply impossible for me to to believe.

Why else would a 2010 Christmas Eve e-mail from P. J. Crowley TO her, not from her (but which nonetheless puts it in her account anyway) be totally redacted except for the first paragraph relative to Christmas wishes?? It certainly was not talking about bridal registeries or wedding plans, was it??