Sunday, March 15, 2015

Denmark-Based Imam's Hate-Filled Sermon Against Jews

Once Upon a Time in Germany

Hat tip Jihad i Malmo and MEMRI TV

This past week, I cross-posted a sermon by an imam in Australia which was filled with invective against Jews. Today I am cross-posting a video of a sermon delivered in the Neu Koelln disrict of Berlin by a Denmark-based imam named Abu Bilal Ismail. The speech occurred in July 2014. I am cross-posting it from the Swedish blog, Jihad i Malmo

Abu Bilal Ismail är imam i den ökända moskén på
Grimhøjvej i Aarhus. En moské där man öppet hyllar
Kalifatets folkmord på tusentals kristna, shiamuslimer,
yazider m fl.  
I somras gästade Abu Bilal den minst lika ökända
islamistiska Al-Nurmoskén i Berlin-Neukölln, som 
varit inblandad i en mängd terroristhärvor.
Där höll han en gästpredikan mot judarna, som
lyckligtvis förevigades på nätet tack vare MEMRI.

Nu har Berlins åklagare inlett en förundersökning
mot Abu Bilal med anledning av hans hatpredikan.
Man betecknar hans tal som uppmaning till mord
på judar.
Då han håller liknande spektakel var och varannan
fredag i Danmark följer danska polisen med spänning
vad som sker i Berlin... 
Kanske kollegorna i Sverige borde intressera sig lite
för vad som sägs på fredagspredikningarna i 
T ex Bellevue i Göteborg. 

 Translation: "Abu Bilal Ismail is an imam in the notorious mosque of Grimhojvey in Aarhus. A mosque where they openly pay tribute the murder of thousands of Christians, Shia Muslims and Yazidis etc by the Caliphate.

Last summer Abu Bilal visited the likewise notorious  Islamic Al-Nur mosque in Berlin -Neukoelln, which was involved in many terrorist webs. There he held a guest sermon against Jews which fortunately is immortalized on the Internet thanks to MEMRI.

Now Berlin's prosecutor has opened an investigation against Abu Bilal based on his hate sermon. His speech is denoted as incitement to the murder of Jews.

Given that he holds similar spectacles every other Friday in Denmark, the Danish police are following what occurred in Berlin with concern.

Perhaps (police) colleagues in Sweden should interest themselves a little as to what is said in Friday sermons in Salafist mosques, for example in Gothenburg."

Keep in mind that this speech was not delivered in Gaza, the West Bank, Iran, or ISIS-controlled Syria or Iraq. It was delivered in Germany, a country that has a vested interest in not seeing or hearing this speech occur again on their soil. Remember Julius Streicher?

Free speech, you say? There is no First Amendment in Europe. If a Christian preacher said these things about Muslims, he would be hauled into court in almost any Western European country. Why is it that Europeans allow this to go on? Why isn't this mope deported back to whatever hellhole he came from? The only answer I can come up with is that the Europeans are deathly afraid of inciting Muslims. Unless they commit murder, Muslims are going to pretty much do and say as they please.

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