Monday, March 2, 2015

Code Pink Waves Hizbollah Flag at AIPAC Confrence

Hat tip Legal Insurrection and Frontpage Magazine

Shut Down AIPAC Hezbollah Flag

The monkeys of Code Pink shamed themselves beyond belief when it showed up yesterday at the AIPAC conference waving a Hizbollah flag (above).

Hizbollah is not a terror organization simply because of their attacks against Israel. They are also responsible for the bombing attack in Lebanon that killed over 200 US Marines.

And these losers dare to wave that flag.

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Squid said...

Hezbollah is a proxy army for Iran. Iran has repeated many, many times, that they will destroy the small and great satan (Israel and America). Obama wants Iran to get a Nuke, which they can deliver with an ICBM, as they already have (no wonder Obama does not want Bibi to talk to Congress). Remember, the current Obama/Iran deal would allow Iran to build a nuke after ten years, if a deal is made this month.
So, the Code Pink stupids support an organization which would want them dead. If Iran was in power, in America, heads would role and Code Pink would be the first to loose theirs.