Sunday, March 15, 2015

Anti-Abortion Protester at University of Oregon Tests Free Speech on Campus

Hat tip Truth Revolt

Shades of UC Santa Barbara, where Professor Mireille Miller-Young victimized two young ladies with anti-abortion signs. Shades of UC Irvine, where yours truly was instructed by campus cops not to videotape a Muslim Student Union speaker when they objected. In both of the above cases, right won out. Professor Miller-Young was charged and pleaded no contest to theft and assault while UCIPD apologized to yours truly and affirmed my right to videotape.

Now switch reels to the University of Oregon, where an anti-abortion protester on public property was told by a campus cop that he had to put away two posters, one showing an aborted baby, a second saying that everything that Hitler did was legal at the time in Germany. This was because students were loudly and profanely objecting to the posters. Eventually a supervisory cop tells the first cop that the posters are legally permitted and the cops walk away. At that point, the little Ducks return and begin their antics again as the cops play the role of potted plants.

Good news, however. It is all on videotape. It lasts about 18 minutes.

While the first cop was trying to be professional, in my mind, he erred and had to be corrected by his supervisor. However, where were the cops when the students resumed acting up and trying to take away the man's signs? At that point the cops should have been right there to intervene.

It seems to me that it is going to take legal action to affirm the rights of all to the first amendment on college campuses.

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