Monday, February 16, 2015

While Violence Rages in the Middle East and Europe, Islam Full Court PR Press Rages on in the US

This first appeared in Eagle Rising.

Saturday morning, we awoke to the news of another Islamic terror attack in Europe, this time in Copenhagen. The target? Swedish Mohammed cartoonist Lars Vilks and fellow panelists at a free speech event. Thus, Charlie Hebdo comes to Denmark. Where will be the next attack? By the time we find out, hundreds more people will have died in senseless and horrific attacks all over the Middle East.

And as we await the next Boston Marathon-style attack in the US, the Islamist lobby here is in full PR swing. Not only do they react with each foreign attack with hastily-arranged events in which speakers condemn the latest attack, but insist that it has nothing-absolutely nothing- to do with Islam. They know that their audiences will be filled with many gullible non-Muslims who are only too eager to gobble up the words of peace but too intellectually lazy to read the Koran in depth or study the life of the Prophet Mohammad in order to make sense of it all. If they would just do some background research on the speakers they are listening to instead of blindly believing that they are "bridge-builders". The only bridge these much-ballyhooed speakers want to build is a bridge to an Islamic caliphate under sharia law.

But there is more. February is Black History Month. The cynical opportunists have latched onto this to link it with their favorite charge of Islamophobia. They are trotting out Ferguson, Treyvon Martin and other police shootings and linking them to the charge  that America is racist against blacks and racist against Muslims-even though Islam is hardly a race. Add to that the recent tragic murders of three Muslim students near the University of North Carolina campus by a deranged jerk who was in a rage over a parking space. As I write this, there is nothing to show that this was an act of someone who simply hated Muslims. The guy apparently hates everybody.  No mind. There is an agenda here and a narrative that must be presented to the public and the world that America is Islamophobic and Muslims in America are not safe.

Instead of celebrating people like Martin Luther King, the radicals in academia are trotting out Malcolm X, a man who did nothing to help bring about integration in America. Left unsaid will be the fact that Malcolm was murdered by Nation of Islam members on the orders of Elijah Mohammed because Malcolm had left the Nation of Islam and was exposing the corruption and sexual abuses of the "Honorable" Elijah Mohammed. Audiences will also hear implications that Malcolm was instead a victim of some murky white conspiracy.

Universities are lining up speakers and panels all over the country to explain to their students all the things that are evil in the world, America, capitalism, Israel-you name it. They will use power point presentations to explain how there is a link between how Israel treats Palestinians to the shootings of Michael Brown, Treyvon Martin, and the choking death of Eric Garner by the NYPD.

This, Dear Reader is what higher education in America has degenerated into.


elwood p suggins said...

Here is what AP, hardly a right-wing organization, had to say about the (should I be PC and say alleged??) Chapel Hill shooter on 02/15/15: "If his Facebook page is any indication, Craig Hicks doesn't hate Muslims. An avowed atheist, his online posts instead depict a man who despises religion itself, but nevertheless seems to support an individual's right to his own beliefs" and "But he was just as passionate about personal freedom and liberty — championing an individual's right to worship or not worship, legal abortion and gay marriage and, perhaps most fervently, the right to own and bear arms. If he has a creed, it's the Second Amendment".

In addition, no evidence that I know of has yet surfaced which specifically indicates any Muslim-hatred or "Islamaphobia" on the part of the bad guy. You would think that would have been on Facebook if it existed at all.

There appears to be growing evidence of at least a fairly long-standing feud over parking places involving some of the victims as well as other individuals. This strikes me as a case of "stationary road rage" by an apparently left-wing gun nut (yes, there are some of them out there).

elwood p suggins said...

Malcolm Little, aka Malcolm X--albeit an angry, essentially white-hating, racist, separatist/supremacist, black man and Black Muslim--may have accurately prophesied when he wrote the following little gems:

"I knew how Elijah Muhammed's followers thought; I had taught so many of them to think. I knew that no one would kill you quicker than a Muslim if he felt that's what Allah wanted him to do".

"There is no group in the United States more able to carry out this threat (his own killing) than the Black Muslims. I know, because I taught them myself".

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Malcolm X... who came back from the Hajj to Mecca with the revelation that Muslims actually came in all colors, reached out to black Christians... a man who would be a great role model for urban black youth if they ever ONCE heard a tape of his speech, delivered in a moderate tone, in the King's English, perfect grammar, none of that down home southern stuff that some white overseer foisted on their ancestors... elwood, you obviously know nothing about him. Neither did I at the time he was murdered, it took me a while to catch up with the truth.

Gary Fouse said...

Malcolm was murdered on the orders of Elijah Muhammad because he left the Nation of Islam and was exposing Elijah's corruption and sexual abuses.

Yet we have some folks even in academia who want to imply that he was murdered by murky white forces.

In the final analysis, I think it is fair to say that malcolm contributed little or nothing to integration.