Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Shooting at Chapel Hill

Hat tip Truth Revolt

There has been a triple homicide near the campus of the University of North Carolina campus. The three victims are all young Muslims. One man is in custody, a 46-year-old named Craig Hicks.

The Council on American Islamic Relations is calling for authorities to investigate this as a possible hate crime with the possibility that the crime arose out of anti-Muslim bias.

As of this writing, such appears not to be the case. The suspect's social media writings indicate he is one of those professional atheists who says that both Christianity and Islam are extremist. It also seems that his politics are progressive. In addition, the preliminary investigation indicates the act is the result of an on-going dispute over parking.

I have no objection to a full investigation as to his motive. Whatever the motive, it doesn't justify the murder of three innocent people (unless there was some situation of self-defense, of course). If it were a hate crime, it would be the first hate-inspired murder of any Muslim in the US since 9-11 that I am aware of off the top of my head. At any rate, Hicks should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

An anti-Muslim atheist political progressive with a gun... that's the most curious refutation of about 360 degrees of political correctness since the gay anti-immigrant Dutch conservative who almost became prime minister.

By all means, he should be prosecuted. And his motive is irrelevant. He shouldn't be allowed to use it as an excuse. Murder is murder. Period.

(I was wondering if you'd cover this Gary. You did. Good for you.)