Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sentencing for the Firebombers of Wuppertal Synagogue

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

Three Arab men were given suspended sentences by a German judge in Wuppertal after they were convicted of firebombing a local synagogue in the city's Barmen district last July. Daniel Greenfield has the report in Frontpage Magazine.

Apparently, the history of the Wuppertal synagogue was lost on the judge. Barmen was also the source of the Barmen Declaration, written by theologian Karl Barth and others in opposition to the Nazis efforts to form a German Christian Church built around Nazi principles. The former industrial town now forms part of Wuppertal.

At any rate, Germany will hear from those young men in the future no doubt. I wonder how many innocent lives it will cost.


Shirley Braus said...

This is really disturbing, Gary!

Siarlys Jenkins said...

So what if it wasn't anti-Semitism. It was arson.