Saturday, February 21, 2015

Republicans Must Fight This Syrian Refugee Plan

As our out-of-control administration plans to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees, it is becoming apparent that they are ill equipped to do the proper background checks on them.

This cannot be allowed to progress until we can be sure that we are not bringing in more future terrorists as happened with the Somali refugees and the Tsarnaev brothers. Meanwhile, another question must be asked: Where are all the Syrian Christian refugees? They are the ones in need of refuge.

A year or so ago, A German journalist for Der Spiegel toured one of those Syrian refugee camps and was alarmed at many of the characters he found there. I was also told by someone from a refugee support organization that was spreading word of their work at UC Irvine that they had to separate the Christian refugees from the Muslim refugees in order to protect the former from the latter.

I see another disaster unfolding here at the hands of an administration that is either too incompetent or too unwilling to secure our safety. The Republicans in Congress must fight this move.

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