Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Muslim Immigration and the Threat of More Terrror Attacks

Hat tip David, Worldnet Daily  and Investors Business Weekly

Mark Levin read the below -linked article by Paul Sperry, which was published in Investors Business Weekly, on his radio show this evening. It is must reading.

In addition, as DHS Director Jeh Johnson asks us to be vigilant in the wake of an Al Shabaab terror threat calling for their Somali brothers in the US to attack malls including the Mall in America in Minneapolis (which hosts the nation's largest Somali enclave), there is this to ponder:

You see, Folks, while our government warns us to be vigilant because of a Somali terror threat, they 
are still importing almost a thousand Somalis a month into the US. That is in addition to the 
questionable Syrians we will soon see arriving.

What an operation we have in Washington. It consists of letting them in and then telling us we have 
to watch out for them. It really makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

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