Thursday, February 19, 2015

Muslim Female Academic Perspective

Hat tip Campus Watch and Columbia University Independent

Here is another example of how many Muslim spokeswomen have contempt for Western expressions of concern for the status of Muslim women. Columbia University Professor Lila Abu-Lughod tells an audience at New York's Ivy League school that they don't need our concern.

Below is what I responded in the Columbia University Independent, which published the original article.

"While I care about the treatment of women and girls in Muslim countries, I don't think the US can or should try to "save" the damsels in distress at the cost of American lives. 

However, the real problem is that Muslim women living in the West are entitled to all the legal protections we offer our own citizens. That means honor killings and other forms of domestic abuse are outside of the law. In Europe, there are female genital circumcisions taking place in those "no-go" zones and girls are being sent back to their home countries for the procedure. Similarly, Muslims, both male and female who leave the religion in the West are entitled to be protected from violent retribution. They also have full rights in divorce proceedings. We can never surrender those rights.

And if this is critical of the speaker, I do not remain anonymous."

Gary Fouse

I think that pretty much sums it up. Like it or not, Ms Lughod, if you get beaten up there in New York City, the NYPD is going to show up. If somebody in your family ever decides you have destroyed their honor and kills you, there will be an investigation and prosecution.

You see, Ms Lughod: It is really not about you. It is about our society and laws that we wish to protect and enforce respectively. Whether you like it or not, Madame, you have just as many rights as any man while you are on our soil. Whether you like it or not, Madame, we are not going to abandon you or your sisters or your daughters to some enclave that wants to practice sharia law in its harshest forms.

If that is a problem for you, Professor, please return to your country of origin or ancestry, and I won't care what happens to you. Nor will I come to your rescue. 

And yes. I did sign my name.


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Dr. Abu-Lughod's book,"Do Muslim Women Need Saving?" has bi-polar reviews in See:

This usually indicated the author is right on target with a very controversial issue, or that the author is completely bonkers. In this case, because so few have actually commented on the book, the most likely conclusion is that she has her hijab wrapped around her head and stuck up her arse.

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This is what passes for Islamic feminism. It consists of telling Westerners that they don't need their help or concern.