Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hamas Supporter George Galloway Sues Journalist

George Galloway on left with Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh

British comedian and part-time politician George Galloway is a proven supporter of Hamas as evidenced by his Viva Palestina trips to Gaza and his deliveries of cash and other goodies to Hamas, which in turn has a charter that calls for not only the destruction of Israel but the deaths of Jews.

Nonetheless, George is now suing a British journalist for tweeting that he (Galloway) has often crossed the line from anti-Israel to anti-semitic.

Galloway fervently denies the charge of anti-semitism, but he should choose his friends more carefully (Hamas etc). In addition, he is hardly sensitive to the topic of anti-semitism on the part of his compatriots as I found out on May 21, 2009 at UC Irvine. That was the evening when George spoke and  passed collection boxes around the room where money was dropped-money that George later took to Gaza and dropped in Hamas' lap.

I think I will contact the Guardian and offer myself as a witness in the journalist's defense.

Update: Done.


Squid said...

Bravo Gary, for standing up to the anti-Semitism of George Galloway. Please do send your information to the Guardian. Perhaps this will be the punch that Galloway solicited at the 2009 UCI fund raising event for Viva Palestina, he said he was an ex-prize fighter.


Gary Fouse said...


It is done, and she has already responded with her thanks.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

As a public figure, Galloway would have no case at all in an American court. In British courts, truth is not always a defense against a libel charge.