Thursday, February 26, 2015

Erwin Chemerinsky Defends Obama on Immigration, Blasts Judge

"Conservative judicial activism strikes again."

Once again, UC Irvine Law School Dean Erwin Chermerinsky bends the law to fit his liberal philosophy. In the below op-ed in today's Orange County Register, Chemerinsky blasts the Texas judge who has put a hold on Obama's amnesty plan. He even calls it another case of conservative judicial activism, something the liberals have been using for decades.

"As to the facts, he made a number of false statements. For example, Judge Hanen wrote that, “In many instances, the government intentionally allows known illegal aliens to enter and remain in the country.” There is no basis for this accusation that the United States intentionally allows individuals to enter the country illegally."

Really? How about those thousands of Central Americans last year who were flooding the borders-not clandestinely, but literally walking into the arms of Border Patrol agents who put them on buses and airplanes to various parts of the country?

"In terms of the Constitution, Obama drew a careful distinction based on what he can and can’t do without congressional action. The president cannot bestow citizenship on individuals except as authorized by law. President Obama’s order does not attempt to do this. Instead, President Obama used his power to set priorities with regard to immigration enforcement."

The last statement is true, but the President cannot bestow affirmative actions on illegal immigrants such as legal papers and tax-payer funded benefits. That is Congress' jurisdiction. Up until now Obama himself had been telling Hispanic advocacy groups that these were things he did not have the power to do. Now he proceeds to do just that because Congress has not done it. 

Erwin's Law.

"You're killing me, Erwin!'

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