Monday, February 23, 2015

Campus Survey: More Than Half of Jewish Students Experience Anti-Semitism

Hat tip Louis D Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law

In a just published survey of 55 US campuses by the Louis D Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law and Trinity College of Hartford, more than half of Jewish students queried reported experiencing anti-Semitism on campus.

This is an effective reply to certain Jewish national organizations who use their own selected Jewish students to maintain that there is no problem on campus. For example, this has been true for years at UC Irvine, where the Orange County Jewish Federation, the Anti-Defamation League, and Hillel have denied the problem even when Jewish students try to complain about harassment.

And the main source of the problem? No, it's not neo-Nazis or skinheads. It is those who are agitating against Israel and in many instances using Brown Shirt tactics to do so. It is time to stand up to them and expose them.

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