Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Brian Williams' Big Lie

Hat tip Hot Air

This is incomprehensible-until you sit down and consider the utter dishonesty of the mainstream news media.

Last week, NBC news anchor Brian Williams told a story about being in a military helicopter that was hit by ground fire and forced to land during the Iraq invasion. Tonight, after some military veterans who were involved called his account into question, Williams issued an apology.

"You should have seen the one that got away."

Here is the problem: Not only has Williams been telling this lie for over a decade, this is not the kind of life experience that you get confused about. If you are in a helicopter that is hit by ground fire in a war zone and forced to land, you remember it distinctly. If you have not had that experience, you don't imagine that you did. Williams has told this fib multiple times until he got called on it.

Just like Hillary Clinton fabricated a story about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire, Williams fabricated this story. Hie credibility as a reporter and news anchor is destroyed.

Now the question is if and how long NBC can keep this fabricator on the air as anchor. If he remains, it tells you volumes about NBC's credibility as a news organization.


elwood p suggins said...

What a bonehead. I always knew that I neither liked nor trusted him. Now I know why. Worst part is that he is typical of network and some/most cable "reporting", and for MANY, such is their sole source of what is going on in the world. Little wonder we have so many mushheads out there.

ChrisLA said...

To his credit, Williams quickly acknowledge his embellishment of the truth. Also, when you are down in enemy territory, it is no less scary to be in A/C #2 than in A/C #1. The soldiers who protected the convoy of helicopters are no less heroic.

Gary Fouse said...


He told this story for about 12 years until he was called on it. His helicoprer was one hour behind the one that was hit.

Squid said...

I never listen to NBC News or their mouthpiece Brian Williams.
Here is what I think:
"Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus"


elwood p suggins said...

And let us not forget the Right Honorable U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), who lied repeatedly, on numerous occasions for decades and at least as recently as 2008, and probably 2010, about his non-existent military service in Vietnam. He actually never set foot in the country, at least back in the day. He did, however, like George W. Bush did with the Air National Guard, serve in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.

In 2010, the NY Times (if you can believe that) had this, in part, to say: "But what is striking about Mr. Blumenthal’s record is the contrast between the many steps he took that allowed him to avoid Vietnam, and the misleading way he often speaks about that period of his life now, especially when he is speaking at veterans’ ceremonies or other patriotic events".

Gary Fouse said...

But he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.