Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ashton Carter Tries to Explain Obama's Foreign Policy

If confirmed he'll look into it

I only watched part of Secretary of Defense nominee Ashton Carter's testimony before the Senate Wednesday, but my impression pretty much goes along with that of Fox News. It seemed to me that he was afraid of saying something that might go against what Obama wants.

To be fair, it would be tough for anybody to be in a  position of going to work for this administration when it comes to defense or foreign affairs. Let's take ISIS, for example. In the wake of the latest horror, the burning alive of a Jordanian pilot, Obama nonchalantly said that they would double down on their determination to "degrade" and destroy ISIS because they (ISIS) had a bankrupt ideology. (I am paraphrasing.) He could have been talking about himself as he degrades the US. Yet, there has been no change of anything.

Contrast that with the reaction of a real leader, King Abdullah of Jordan of all people. He returned from his useless meeting with Obama, ordered the executions of two convicted terrorists, and now has launched air strikes that have killed 55 ISIS members-with more of both to come. And what is Obama doing? He is releasing more terrorists from GITMO and Wednesday night was hosting "Muslim leaders" at the White House. And those Muslim leaders are.....

Wait! We don't know because the most transparent administration in history will not release their names. I think it is safe to say that Zuhdi Jasser was not one of them. More likely those "leaders" were from CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, and so on-all branches of the Muslim Brotherhood-all supporters of the terrorist organization called Hamas, which is sworn to destroy Israel. Stand by (for months at least) because it will probably take a lawsuit by Judicial Watch or somebody else to force disclosure of those names.

Meanwhile, the administration treats requests by Jordan for arms and materiel to combat ISIS with a bunch of bureaucracy when it should all be in Jordan now.

And Ukraine? Carter was asked about that Wednesday as well. Well, guess what. As I write this, John Kerry is holding a press conference in Kiev with the Ukrainian president. No doubt Kerry will condemn Russia's aggression in the strongest terms and state that America stands with the Ukrainian people. Arms for Ukraine? We'll see.

Let's face it. Under Obama we have no foreign policy when it comes to fighting the bad guys. We have allowed the war on terror to be led by the Kurdish Peshmerga, the Jordanians and the French. I wish them all God speed, but the US refuses to recognize the threat that ISIS poses to the West in the form of thousands of fighters who reside in the West and may return to the West to carry out their evil deeds. The French and Belgians have already learned that lesson the hard way.

So will we.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

We have allowed the war on terror to be led by the Kurdish Peshmerga, the Jordanians and the French.

The first two have credibility putting boots on the ground, because they live there. When we put boots on the ground, we become the issue. So we shouldn't. Our strategic and tactical bombing is effective ONLY in support of people with boots on the ground.

As for the French, some of their former colonial subjects appreciate a little help now and then, but we don't have that entre. France couldn't put boots on the ground in Syria or Iraq, any more than we could.